With all the frenzy of the NBA finals it doesn’t feel like we’ve heard much about Ben Simmons since the All Star break. Uh.. break. Good choice of words. Well we’ve had exactly that a long break since we last saw Ben’s immense talent gracing us on college courts and ever so briefly during summer camp NBA.

What we really want to know is will we see Ben in action this coming season 2017/2018? Are we going to have to expect some ridiculous minutes ban like we did Joel Embiid? Remembering that the big center played on a minutes ban, entertained the hell out of us on limited minutes, was a breathe away from an All Star selection, not to mention a date with Rhiannon, then duly fell again due to injury. Are we going to feel tantalised with ESPN snippets of Ben throwing alleys to Joel, followed by larger snippets of them in their warm up tracksuits?

Personally I don’t see it when it comes to minutes restrictions. Sure. Bench them if the teams winning or if the game appears lost. Sure, cut down their training schedules. These guys are professional athletes. If they’ve done the rehab and the doctors say their ready, unleash the beast!

So, with Ben cleared for measured progression of oncourt loading, including skill training can we expect Philadelphia to unleash the beast? Like Ben himself says ‘man, I can’t wait to get out there.’ Get him ready, skip summer league and come next season this particular Aussie fan says ‘unleash the beast.’